really shitty demos

by dinner the band

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this is a collection of a few messily recorded songs


released October 20, 2016



all rights reserved


dinner the band Swindon, UK

a young folk punk musician with a mission to convince everyone that talent is subjective

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Track Name: Last Year (demo)
tell my nothing will be the same as last year
because I can't take another last year
please will you let me go
and please will you let me know if you are coming back to town
now that I'm free nobody can hurt me or fuck me or kill everyone I love, no more
this last year was fucked and now I'm not sure who I am anymore

I took the long way back
I waited for the train to run me over before I jumped off the tracks
but who needs legs anyway?
I'll walk on my hands to get me out of this place
blood will rush to my head
I'd sacrifice it all again to get you out of my bed
fuck you
Track Name: Not Drinking at Parties (demo)
it makes me sad how sad pat the bunny used to be but I am happy that he stopped using heroin
because heroin's not very cool
I wonder if he still struggles and wants to use heroin
I hope he keeps away from that stuff and I hope it works out this time
I can't control myself anymore like I used to
or maybe I never could I just didn't care
I'm scared of what people think of me or if people even think of me
I wonder what people I care about would think about this
I can't find a reason to write I've got too much inside my head
I can't encapsulate the feelings I feel every night before I go to bed

raise your glass to me
I'll probably leave early
earlier than I'd like because I like everybody here and I don't wanna ruin your fun with my crippling social fear

sometimes I'd rather be at home
sometimes I'd rather not be alone
I'll talk to you on the phone and pretend that I am cool
I'll wake up again when I see you next week with three new stories to tell you
and you won't care but you will listen anyway